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Asya - Tangerine Orange - Hand Bag
Asya - Tangerine Orange - Hand Bag
Asya - Tangerine Orange - Hand Bag
LE 3,300.00

Asya - Tangerine Orange - Hand Bag


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Product Description
Crafted in Egypt from high quality leather. The Asya Bag is simple yet bold, with a lot of curves symbolizing the travails of life. The bag handle looks very similar to a crunchy hair tie. The bottom of the bag almost looks like a lightening bolt, symbolizing the power and intensity of this collection. Asya’s design is a continuation of Aliel’s signature style with asymmetrical geometrical shapes to emphasize the beauty and glory of uniqueness. 

The bag comes with a color palette of Tangerine Orange, Pine Green, Grape Purple and Jet Black.

Fabric : Genuine Leather
Thickness: 1.1-1.4 mm
Closure Type: Magnetic Closure
Exterior: Solid
Type: Top Handle

The Story - Asya 

Metamorphic, magical, provocative and heart-felt. This new collection of Aliel is one with a very real and transformative message.

This collection is called “Asya” which translates to “Relentless”. Asya is about overcoming adversity, believing in one’s own power, trusting deeply in one’s own ability to navigate the challenges of life and turn them into blessings. It’s about finding magic in the mundane, the gift within the shadow, the strength in our vulnerabilities. Asya’s message speaks to all those that have thrived in the midst of chaos, that learnt to see the beauty behind the provocation. The ones that dared to heal and forgive.

Emphasizing on growth as the only constant in life and the importance of seeing our own innate strength in going through life. Embracing the intensity of life as an essential ingredient for being alive.

Asya takes us back to the metaphor of the diamond that endures so much pressure to then crystalize into this precious stone that invigorates our eyes. it invites us to look at our lives in a similar manner where we polish through our discomfort.

The Asya woman is empowered in her experience and chooses to write her own story instead of be a victim to it. She is proactive with a strong center and sense of self. She is the woman that has loosened her grip on life yet held on tighter to her own self-worth.

She is one that sees life as an adventure and enjoys the journey instead of the destination. She has learnt that she can handle whatever life throws at her. Her power comes from within as she has learnt to let go of external validation.

The beauty of this collection is that it changes our perception on what “Relentless” would normally mean. It takes us into a journey of deeper trust in ourselves and life, one that grows through adversity.

The collection is a representation of The innate power that we all carry within, it calls us forward into our potential and vigor.